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How to install Multi Expression Programming X

Windows 32bit and 64bit

Just download the program from here: (1.7 MB) (2 MB)

unzip the archive and run the mepx.exe application. There is no installation kit. Please remember where you saved it so that you can run it next time.

Apple Mac OSX (64bit)

Download the program from here: (4 MB)

It is .zip archive. Double-click it in Finder. It should be decompressed in the same folder as the zip archive. Open it from there (you should right click the icon and choose Open command).

Ubuntu (64bit) (tested on Ubuntu 14 and 15)

Download the program from here:

mepx64.deb (1.8 MB)

Install the program with Ubuntu Software Center.

Open a Terminal and run the following command (this will display icons on buttons - which are disabled by default):

gsettings set org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.xsettings overrides "{'Gtk/ButtonImages': <1>, 'Gtk/MenuImages': <1>}"

That is all.

mepx is the name of the program, so each time you want to start it, just open a Terminal and type mepx

Test projects (taken from PROBEN1 and other datasets) can be downloaded from: MEPX test projects on Github. Just download a .xml file and press the Load project button from MEPX to load it.